PageR Enterprise Network Monitoring  v.5.3.6

PageR monitors Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7. Monitored Object types can be chosen to Monitor Windows Services, Disc Space, Disc Drives, Windows Event Logs, Windows Folders, Web Pages, Disc Files, Windows Process

PageR Enterprise  v.5 1

These new low cost devices plug into any USB interface directly or via an extension cable to give you instant temperature monitoring of the room, the server or the comms cabinet. Simply install PageR 5.2.


ALA25B (USB) Pager Programmer  v.5.00

The ALA25 Pager Programming software, provides the flexibility to program ALA28 pagers to meet individual requirements.

C++Pager  v.0.2

The C++Pager can help C++ programmers to output long complex text (i.

Content Pager  v.1.3.2001

Content Pager is a Rapidweaver plugin that lets you add content that can be "paged" one screen at a time (manually or automatically).

SMS and Pager Toolkit

SMS Component for Windows, to send and receive SMS messages. Support for GSM modems and SMPP service centers. Features: delivery reports, Unicode, multi-part, ringtones, pictures, WAP bookmarks, WAP push, Flash. Samples included for Visual Basic, Visual

ActiveXperts SMS and Pager Toolkit  v.4 2

Toolkit to add SMS Messaging (Send and Receive) to your applications, scripts and web pages. Send and Receive using a GSM modem (incl. Wavecom, multitech), GSM phone (incl. Nokia,Siemens,Motorola), SMPP provider or SMSC dial-up provider.

ABS Instant Pager  v.1.0b

This software allows you to send text messages to mobile phones and text pagers from an instant messenger-like

IsItUp Network Monitor

IsItUp Network Monitor is a server monitor, website monitor, port, and email system monitor. It continuously monitors multiple IP devices, websites, servers & alerts you via email or pager; graphs. Website content check; runs as a service; maintains

Paging Data Terminal 3000 Programmer  v.7 4

The PDT3000 Paging Data Terminal is the latest generation multi-function vehicle and desktop pager/paging receiver. The PDT3000 is rugged yet attractive unit capable of receiving messages and displaying them on a large graphical LCD display.

QuickSender  v.1 5

QuickSender will help your easily fast sending message to the Pager, Mobile phone, ICQ, Email, or all. QuickSender has skin graphic interface, which is possible to change, storage of the transmitted messages and stack of the outgoing messages.

IPSentry Network Monitoring Suite

Use this software to monitor your network servers and devices 24 hours a day, ensuring that your e-mail servers, Web sites, FTP servers, news servers, routers, and other devices and services are active and responding. In case of a failure, you can be

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